The Team.


CLOVER TwentyFour is a Portuguese brand created by a young couple, with an old passion for fashion and design.

The idea for its creation emerged in mid-2021 and was developed until its launch, already in 2022. CLOVER comes up with the idea of ​​creating a product line where the objective focus on highlight the high quality of our national product, combining the classic and artisanal art of hatmaking, with new fashion trends. Our focus is on creating authentic and personal pieces with unique value, by the Handmade concept.
Some of the values ​​that identify us and by which we are guided are, the respect for the producer and his good working conditions, the preference and choice of craftsmanship instead of mass production and the search for sustainability either through the choice of sustainable materials and products, but also due to the high standards of quality and durability of our pieces.

Being sustainable is more than a goal for us, it's a rule that we try to apply in everything we do and it's something we're continuously looking to improve.

Our planet depends on each one of us, so we intend not only as a brand, but essentially as people to do our part to respect it.

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